This is Me


Hi. I’m Andy Emery.

I strive to make my thrillers unputdownable. I want to immerse you in another world, identifying with the characters I’ve created and feeling yourself moving through the settings I describe.

My first novel, Blood Tribute, has achieved Amazon star ratings of 4.7 out of 5 in the US and UK stores. The follow-up, Death Dogs, was released in March 2018, and the third book in the series, Rogue Agent, will follow soon.

I spent my early years writing stories and drawing pictures, but I never saw the possibility of a career as a creative. Only in the last few years have I rediscovered my love of writing.

But it’s not only the writing itself. I also relish the research and planning, the interaction with editors, book cover designers and other professionals, and the process of publication and marketing.

I enjoy being an independent author. My dad also had the urge to write books, and I remember him hammering on the keys of his early word processor for hours on end, week after week, month after month. But then came the inevitable rejection letters from agents and traditional publishers. Fortunately, now it is the readers who determine success or failure.


I would like to become a full-time author, but I know that depends on the extent to which I can delight my readers.

I’m currently in full-time employment, so writing is what I spend most of my spare time doing, but I also enjoy reading, watching films, ad-libbing unusual dishes in the kitchen and packing my garden with plants. 

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