Historical Thrillers

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Meet Lucas Gedge, ex-soldier and spy.

Blood Tribute

The first novel in the Lucas Gedge Thriller series. In 1890 London, a former soldier and spy returns home, intent on settling down to a quiet life. But he is soon drawn into a world of abduction and murder. When his daughter is placed in deadly danger, he must use his special skills to save her and bring the criminals to justice.

Death Dogs

A mystery involving a cult worshipping the gods of ancient Egypt leads Gedge into a deadly struggle. To find out who murdered his friend, he must contend with the cult and the local mob, while a ghost from the past threatens his friend Polly. Again Gedge must draw in his strength and wits to stay ahead of his enemies.

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Rogue Agent

When the third novel opens, Lucas Gedge is at his lowest ebb. His former commanding officer and a nemesis from his days on the Afghan frontier are both drawn into the story, as Gedge is forced to leave London and head for the moors of Scotland in a quest to confront his demons and avert an international incident.

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